11.....No reference signal when cranking engine (crankshaft position sensor)

 12.....Battery disconnected within last 50 key-on cycles or module power lost

 13.....Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)sensor, or canister purge solenoid circuit

 14.....Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) voltage out of range

 15.....Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) circuit

 16.....Knock Sensor circuit or radiator fan sensor

 17.....Low engine temperature, coolant sensor

18...Canister purge solenoid or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) solenoid

21.....Oxygen sensor circuit

22.....Engine Coolant Temperature sensor voltage out of range

23.....Charge (intake) Air Temperature sensor voltage out of range

24.....Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) voltage out of range

25.....Automatic Idle Speed (AIS) motor drive circuit

26.....Fuel injector control circuit, or engine temperature sensor  

27.....Fuel injector control circuit

8... Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) circuit

31.....Purge solenoid circuit, or Evaporative (EVAP) system

32.....Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) solenoid, or power loss lamp circuit

33.....A/C cutout relay or clutch relay circuit

34.....Speed control vacuum or vent solenoid circuit, or starter relay circuit

35.....Radiator fan control relay circuit, or idle switch circuit

36.....Air injection switch solenoid or turbocharger wastegate solenoid

37.....Barometric pressure solenoid circuit, or torque converter lockup solenoid

41.....Charging system (alternator)

42.....Fuel pump control relay driver circuit, or fuel level sensor

43.....Cylinder misfire, or ignition coil circuit

44.....Ambient temperature sensor, or battery temperature sensor

45.....Governor pressure, or turbo overboost, or transmission temp sensor

46.....Charging system voltage too high

47.....Charging system voltage too low

51.....Fuel system running lean

52.....Fuel system running rich

53.....Engine controller internal fault

54.....No cam signal detected (camshaft sensor)

55.....End of diagnostic trouble code display, or IAC valve does not move properly

61.....Barometric pressure sensor circuit

62.....Unsuccessful attempt to update EMR mileage

63.....EEPROM failure to write (engine controller)

64.....Flexible fuel sensor, or catalytic converter problem

65.....Power steering switch, or manifold tune valve

66.....CCD bus communication problem between modules

67.....Glow plug circuit (diesel engine)

68.....Exhaust Gas Recirculation system

71.....5 volt output was low

72.....Catalytic converter

76.....Ballast bypass relay

77.....Speed control power circuit

88.....Start of diagnostic test sequence


1000..Ignition line low

1001..Ignition line high

1002..Oxygen heater line

1004..Battery voltage low

1005..Sensor ground line out of limits

1010..Diagnostic enable line low

1011..Diagnostic enable line high

1012..Manifold Absolute Pressure line low

1013..Manifold Absolute Pressure line high

1014..Fuel pump line low

1015..Fuel pump line high

1016..Charge air temp sensor low

1017..Charge air temp sensor high

1018..No serial data from engine controller

1021..Engine failed to start

1022..Start line low

1024..No start signal to engine controller

1025..Wide open throttle circuit low

1027..Engine controller sees wide open throttle

1028..Engine controller does not see wide open throttle

1031..Engine controller sees closed throttle

1032..Engine controller does not see closed throttle

1033..Idle speed increase line low

1034..Idle speed increase line high

1035..Idle speed decrease line low

1036..Idle speed decrease line high

1038..Park/Neutral line high

1040..Latched B+ line low

1041..Latched b+ line high

1042..No Latched B+ 1/2 volt drop

1047..Wrong engine control module

1048..Manual vehicle equipped with controller for automatic

1049..Automatic vehicle equipped with controller for manual

1050..Idle speed less than 500 rpm

1051..Idle speed greater than 2000 rpm

1052..Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor out of limits

1053..Change in MAP reading is out of limits

1054..Engine coolant temp sensor line low

1055..Engine coolant temp sensor line high

1056..Inactive coolant temp sensor

1057..Knock circuit shorted

1058..Knock value out of limits

1059..A/C request line low

1060.. A/C request line high

1061..A/C select line low

1062..A/C select line high

1063..A/C clutch line low

1064..A/C clutch line high

1065..Oxygen sensor reads RICH

1066..Oxygen sensor reads LEAN

1067..Latch relay line low

1068..Latch relay line high

1070..A/C cutout line low

1071..A/C cutout line high

1073..No vehicle speed sensor signal

1200..Engine controller defective

1202..Fuel injector shorted to ground

1209..Fuel injector open

1218..No voltage at engine controller from power latch relay

1220..No voltage at engine controller from EGR solenoid

1221..No fuel injector voltage

1222..MAP sensor not grounded

1223..No engine control tests run

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