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My Top Three Necessary Car Accessories
I have been taking road trips and relying on my car for my jobs for many years and I have found certain car accessories that I can’t live without.
These devices have made my life so much easier than I can’t see how I survived without them in the past.
A good quality GPS unit with real time traffic updates is one of my newest acquisitions and it is one of the most cool car accessories I have ever owned
I recently moved to Los Angeles, California and the traffic situation is terrible.
 Without my GPS, I would be late for everything. With the ability to calculate for traffic and alter my route based on real time information, my GPS keeps me on time.
A power inverter is another great addition to my list of car accessories.
 Having a power inverter means that I can charge all of my electronic devices on the road.
It turns the DC current of my cigarette lighter socket into the more useful AC power that my devices need.
I got one that has an AC outlet, USB socket and an extra DC socket.
This way, I don’t lose the socket entirely when my inverter is plugged in.
Lastly, a book of maps of the area I live in has been extremely helpful to me.
Not all car accessories need to be high tech, electronic gizmos.
If my GPS runs out of battery at the same time that my inverter decides to die, I still know how to get home or drive to where I need to go.
Learning to read maps is a skill that many of us never learn, but those of us who travel a lot really need to know.
That’s my list of the top three car accessories that I will never be without. Get these for yourself and see why you will never want to be without them.
Mayo 2012

Autor:  Robert Lobitz